Terms of Use

Welcome to www.bottrex.net. By visiting our website and accessing the information, resources, services, products and tools we provide, you understand and agree to accept the following terms and conditions, as set out in this policy (hereinafter referred to as "User Agreement"), along with the terms and conditions set out in our privacy policy.


Bottrex is an automated online platform that trades cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin at specialized foreign trading brokers, available through the “SITE” hosted under the domain https://bottrex.net.


1.1. The USER, by accepting this TERM, agrees that it may undergo changes over time, being the responsibility of periodically checking it, especially before using the SERVICE. If Bottrex informs the USER of significant changes made to the TERM, it will do so purely.

1.2. If you have any objection to any provision of this TERM, even after its acceptance, the USER must immediately cease its use, subject to the provisions of this TERM.

1.3. To use the Bottrex SERVICES, the USER must have knowledge about the cryptocurrency market and considered the inherent risk. The value of cryptocurrencies can vary in time and location and the USER is aware of this circumstance, accepting it at his own risk and risk, in a conscious and informed manner.

1.4. Bottrex is an algorithm that only automates your cryptocurrency buying and selling operations at several specialized brokerages. The USER understands the risk of oscillation in the cryptocurrency market.


2.1. BOTTREX can be updated whenever the team wishes, or is necessary, as well as stop making it available, updating it or even discontinuing it at any time.

2.2. In case of discontinuity of BOTTREX, the USER will be informed up to 90 (ninety) days in advance.


3.1. To use the SERVICE, it is necessary to access the registration page and perform the REGISTRATION of the personal account, where the USER must inform his name, valid email and password.

3.2. The e-mail and password are personal and non-transferable and it is the responsibility of the USER to use and keep them in a safe, responsible and good faith manner. BOTTREX will not be responsible for any misuse by the USER or third parties, due to a security breach by the USER.

3.3. The USER is fully responsible for the information he provides. If irregularities are found in filling in the REGISTRATION, omission of information, erroneous data or incorrect filling, BOTTREX may suspend the USER's access until the situation is regularized.

3.4. Registering at BOTTREX is free, but you will need to sign a plan to use the platform, according to item 5 below.

3.5. USERS 'personal, access and transaction data are protected by the Privacy Policy.

3.6. The USER accepts and agrees that any and all transactions must be made solely by the owner of the register.


4.1. The USER is aware that cryptocurrency trading is a risky operation inherent to the investment activity and that BOTTREX cannot guarantee any profit, despite presenting statistics of the result passed on the SITE for the purposes of the USER's mere information.

4.2. After the REGISTRATION, to use the services that BOTTREX offers, the USER must transfer a minimum amount using cryptocurrency to the company CoinPayments.net, which will confirm the transfer and convert the amount sent in "virtual credit". It is worth mentioning that cryptocurrency transfers are IRREVERSIBLE processes and the USER is aware of this condition.

4.3. After that, the USER must set up his operations at the broker of his choice and any option chosen is the USER's sole responsibility.

4.4. The results obtained in the cryptocurrency operations are in the broker that the user has configured, we only present these results for the purpose of mere information from the USER.

4.5. BOTTREX is not responsible for any delays on the part of the exchanges where cryptocurrency buying and selling operations are carried out, which may compromise the platform's operation.


5.1. The USER must purchase a subscription to use the main features of the site. Subscriptions are offered at a flat rate per month.

5.2 BOTTREX offers several types of plans. Each plan differs in the number of currencies selected per operation, exchange limits, maximum open orders, external signals and e-mail notifications.

5.3 BOTTREX accepts two forms of payment for hiring the plans, PayPal and Bitcoin (cryptocurrencies).

5.4 The USER is aware that payments with cryptomoedas are non-refundable.

5.5 After the USER has purchased a subscription, the system will charge the subscription monthly. Failure to pay the invoice will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription.

5.6. BOTTREX will give the user full access to the site immediately after the subscription payment is confirmed.


5.6.1 Within 7 (seven) days of subscription, in case of termination of the contract, the User may request a refund of the service by contacting support. It should be noted that in the case of a refund request, it is not sufficient to request the cancellation only by the site or the BOTTREX application. The refund request will only be effective after the process described above has been completed.


6.1. The provision of the technical support service is limited to clarifications about the operation of BOTTREX, assuming that the USER knows how to use the computer and mobile device and their functions, as well as the operating system under which the system will be used. It is also assumed that the computer is properly configured and in good working order.

6.2. Technical support is limited to serving the USER via email and online chat available on the SITE, and BOTTREX is committed to providing a response within 24 (twenty-four) business hours or according to demand.

6.3. The Technical Support provided by BOTTREX does not cover the connection to the USER's internet, internal network and computers / mobile devices.

6.4. BOTTREX Support also does not include financial, economic or tax advice or consultancy, and the USER will be fully responsible for the decisions he makes for the use of BOTTREX.


7.1. All intellectual property rights referring to the platform belong to BOTTREX, and the USER is granted only the right to use the SERVICE provided therein.

7.2. BOTTREX may be improved, and there may even be a temporary suspension of service as a result. The USER now agrees with modifications, implementation of new features, tools, improvements or corrections on the platform.


8.1. If BOTTREX is affected by any type of external invasion, such as a virus, or if any of the exchanges that BOTTREX operates is unstable, the technical team will make every effort to correct the problems. However, you cannot be held responsible for:

(i) any defect resulting from the exclusive fault of the USER;

(ii) integration of BOTTREX with any other third party or USER software;

(iii) any results obtained in the operations, according to the configurations chosen by the USER;

(iv) problems in the USER's physical and logical network;

(v) any and all liability for possible losses and damages, lost or emerging profits, the causes of which can be attributed, directly or indirectly, to the supply, use or performance of BOTTREX

(vi) events defined in civil legislation as act of God or force majeure;

(vii) dangerous and / or inappropriate use of BOTTREX;

(viii) technical factors that make it impossible to transfer data and / or download information from BOTTREX, including internet problems

(ix) acts of bad faith by the USER

8.2. The USER has the right, at any time, to request the closure of his account at BOTTREX.

8.2.1. The closure of the USER's account will only be possible if there is no record of funds, that is, if there are no virtual credit amounts at the time of cancellation, the USER is responsible for using this balance in his operations.

8.3. After the closure of the USER's account, performed by himself or by BOTTREX, the USER acknowledges that he may no longer have access to and / or redeem information on transactions carried out through BOTTREX, BOTTREX not having any duty to store information, nor pass this information on to the USER.

8.4. BOTTREX reserves the right to suspend and / or close the USERS account immediately and indefinitely, at any time and without prior notice, in the event of indications of, but not limited to:

a) provision of false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information;

b) failure to provide additional information and / or documents if requested;

c) bad faith;

d) violation of any of the terms of this TERM;

e) use of the SERVICE in violation of the law;

f) involvement in fraudulent or illegal conduct;

8.6. Even in the event of foreclosure, all fees paid and charges made before closing are non-refundable.

Inactive Accounts:

8.7. BOTTREX may terminate the USER's registration, once the account is inactive, without a balance, for more than 180 (one hundred and eighty) days.

8.8. The closing of the registration will not affect previous rights and obligations. The obligations of any of the contracted parties will continue in full force and effect until they are remedied.


In the event of failure by the User to comply with any provision of these Terms of Use, BOTTREX may declare it resolved in relation to that User, regardless of any notice, notification or any other formality, immediately interrupting the user's access. User to the Site.