What is Cryptoscanner?

Cryptoscanner is a tool that analyzes the market in real time and generates a report of the cryptocurrencies that are giving conditions to buy or sell. Unlike common operations, the Scanner does not create orders on your exchange, it only informs you which currencies are favorable to your strategy.

Are you an investor who spends hours or days looking for the best opportunities in the market? Then this tool is for you, with Cryptoscanner you save time by automating this repetitive work. Select up to 50 currencies to be tracked in real time and receive all alerts on your dashboard.



Configure your scanner with up to 3 strategies and 50 simultaneous cryptocurrencies to be analyzed.

Real Time

Our Cryptoscanner works in real time 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Get all information on your dashboard.


Don't miss any opportunity, all information generated by your scanner will be stored in our database. You can consult at any time, delete or even export.