Our Features

Automated cryptocurrency trading, portfolio management, signals, simulator, backtesting, robots and custom strategies. Automate your operations on the main exchanges in the market.


Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, HitBTC, Kucoin, Bitfinex, OKEX, BitcoinTrade, NovaDAX e FTX.


Test your strategies in real time using our simulator.


Analysts send signals for a particular currency with entry and exit points.


Cryptoscanner is a tool that analyzes the market in real time and generates a report of the cryptocurrencies that are giving conditions to buy or sell.


Create your own strategy using the most popular technical indicators on the market.

Trailing Stop

Trailing Stop is a strategy that tries to maximize the profit of your trade as the currency price develops favorably in the market.


Backtesting is a tool that tests your strategy on relevant historical data.


Triggers are specific actions you want Bottrex to perform based on specific rules.

24/7 Trading

You don't need to leave your computer running, Bottrex is a robot that operates 100% in the cloud, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.